Heal the Divide On Campus: An Opportunity for Inter-Collegiate Conversation Through Theatre

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Protest Plays Project has initiated an online playwright residency to encourage theatrical conversation between communities.  This project is in its 2nd year.  Our hope is that by introducing short, brand new plays inspired by each student playwright’s community, we can cultivate empathy and engage in inter-community conversations about social issues currently at play in our nation.

Let’s to do something similar on campuses across the country!

Heal the Divide On Campus: An Opportunity for Inter-Collegiate Conversation Through Theatre
Interested faculty will invite their students to write short plays or monologues (10 minutes or less) about issues of concern in their community right now.  Issues can be specific to each playwright’s city, or a national/global issue seen through each playwright’s community/city lens (as it pertains to/manifests in their city).  The key is to write from a local perspective, and to share insight into each community’s current issues of concern.  Faculty coordinating this effort would then select the strongest pieces to upload to a shared drive that each participating campus will have access to.  In the Spring, we will then select pieces from this shared drive of new plays for a reading series on our own campuses!

Fall 2018- Part I: Brainstorming and Writing Period!

  • Faculty encourage students to write a short play or monologue for this project.
  • These pieces can be work-shopped and read on campus if it works for your institution.  The public can be invited to see what local issues students are concerned about/asking questions about = opportunities for community and civic outreach, and an invitation to cultivate creative (and hopefully constructive) conversation within your community.

Spring 2019 – Part II: Theatrical Conversations

  • Faculty and Students are able to read over shared scripts, selecting a bill (or multiple bills depending on how many readings you want to present) of material from other college campuses.
    • You may also want to include pieces written by your own students in your bill
  • Each Reading Series is presented with the hopes that it will create conversation around the issues explored, providing opportunities for connection and continued community exploration.
  • Cultivating a conversation between theatre students, campus, community creates potential for:
    • Cross collaboration between local non-profits working on social issues
    • Civic engagement with city councils/community groups
    • Increased learning outcomes within student populations
    • Increased opportunity for interdisciplinary partnerships
  • Participating faculty and students can then share their experiences with other participating campuses as an opportunity to continue the inter-collegiate conversation
Are you interested in participating or have questions?
Email Tiffany at [email protected]

View/download our
Heal the Divide on Campus Resource and Idea Guide HERE.

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