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The following playwrights are offering up their listed plays for readings in support of Gun Control. I will continue to add to this list as more playwrights contact us with their plays.  You can watch the list grow live on Twitter.  Protest Plays Project invites theatres and theatricians everywhere to organize readings in support of Gun Control/Gun Reform.  All plays available on the New Play Exchange.

PLAYWRIGHTS:  If you want to add your play to this list, Tweet your play’s title and NPX link at us using #TheatreActionGunControl @ProtestPlays

*In addition to the list below, Caridad Svich and NoPassport, Theater J and force/collision has a published collection of plays called 24 Gun Control Plays.*

Kara Lee Corthron TIME AND A HALF https://newplayexchange.org/plays/104917/time-and-half
Jennie MacDonald TEA TIME WITH HRH THE COWARDLY LION https://newplayexchange.org/plays/161545/tea-time-hrh-cowardly-lion
Rachael Carnes GRIEF https://newplayexchange.org/users/16553/rachael-carnes
Everett Robert UNANSWERED QUESTIONS https://newplayexchange.org/plays/80014/unanswered-questions
Everett Robert MY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS https://newplayexchange.org/plays/80004/my-thoughts-and-prayers
Everett Robert GUN PLAY-AN AMERICAN FAIRYTALE https://newplayexchange.org/plays/33080/gun-play-american-fairytale
David Meyers BROKEN https://newplayexchange.org/plays/10833/broken
Jordi Casanovas PORT ARTHUR https://newplayexchange.org/plays/59997/port-arthur
Stephanie Walker FRIENDS WITH GUNS https://newplayexchange.org/plays/127688/friends-guns
Diana Burbano ROUNDS PER SECOND https://newplayexchange.org/plays/162221/rounds-second
Nelson Diaz-Marcano PAPER TOWELS https://newplayexchange.org/plays/144340/paper-towels
Lindsay Partain BACKFIRED https://newplayexchange.org/plays/136291/backfired
DC Cathro REASON FOR RETURN https://newplayexchange.org/plays/17629/reason-return
Ricardo Soltero-Brown GRIEF https://newplayexchange.org/plays/162188/grief
Darcy Parker Bruce HOW WE LIVE IN OUR BODIES NOW https://newplayexchange.org/plays/78036/how-we-live-our-bodies-now
Asher Wyndham PAYTON: A BACK-TO-SCHOOL MONOLOGUE https://newplayexchange.org/plays/162300/payton-back-school-monologue
Phillio Kaplan GOOD GUY WITH A GUN https://newplayexchange.org/plays/162339/good-guy-gun
Rachael Carnes SHELTER IN PLACE https://newplayexchange.org/plays/162327/shelter-place
Brandon Cahela DEPARTURE https://newplayexchange.org/plays/162364/departure
Tracey Conyer Lee RABBIT SUMMER https://newplayexchange.org/plays/121518/rabbit-summer

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